My spiritual path

I’ve always been interested in spirituality.

When I was little, I grew up in a house that was built on an old cemetery. At home my parents, my sister and I never spoke about the eerie feeling the house gave sometimes (I didn’t even know about the cemetery until after we moved out), but when it was time to move out we all admitted that we had some strange experiences in that house.

So I guess I always knew there was more to this world than just what we can see. I just didn’t know how to deal with it, and got a little scared sometimes of the unfamiliar. I never lost interest though, and I always kept looking for answers.


When I moved to Los Angeles at 22, my life changed completely. For the first time I was totally alone in a strange country on the other side of the world. There is something very liberating about going to a different country where no one has formed an opinion of you, and the version of you that you are at that moment is the only thing you can be judged on. This gave me a lot of room to think and ask myself “who am I, and who do I want to be in this world?”.


After some ups and downs, I found comfort in YouTube videos about spirituality. The things I was a bit scared of at first became familiar, and I got to know the wonderful world of the esoteric. My interest for reiki started to emerge around this time as well, and the more I connected with my spiritual side, the more life rapidly changed for me. I found myself, finally. I felt more connected to everything and everyone around me, and a lot of my anger went away.

It hasn’t always been easy, and I have had to face a lot of parts of myself I needed to accept and love, but it has always been worth it. And I think this time of self development is great, but I also want to emphasize the importance of joy. Especially in these crazy times, it’s so important to do things that give you joy, that make you feel truly happy. Because joy is what will fill you with love, and what will make your life so much better. I believe that everything is connected, and everything is energy. So I also believe that when you heal yourself, and when you feel joy, you heal the world through yourself. If your energy gets lighter and happier, it spreads to the rest of us.

So whether it is taking a walk in the forest, or getting a pumpkin spiced latte, do what gives you joy today!

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